Elevate Your Home with the Perfect Blue-Gray Paint Colors (2023)

Transforming your living spaces with the right paint color is a powerful design move, and one shade that stands out is blue-gray. In this guide, we unveil a curated selection of 10 versatile blue-gray paint colors that can breathe life into your home. Whether you're aiming for a fresh and breezy atmosphere or a warm and cozy feel, these hues are sure to make a statement.

1. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy, with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 8, is a moody yet timeless blue that effortlessly enhances both interiors and exteriors. Perfect for those seeking nautical vibes without going overboard, this shade lends sophistication and depth.

2. Outerspace by Sherwin Williams

With an LRV of 12, Outerspace (SW 6251) from Sherwin Williams is a masterful choice for creating a cozy atmosphere. Ideal for large spaces, this moody blue adds a touch of elegance to master bedrooms and beyond.

3. Adirondack Blue by Behr

Behr's Adirondack Blue, boasting an LRV of 23, is a popular choice for kitchens and bedrooms. Its muted blue tones make it a versatile option for various design schemes.

4. Good Jeans by Clare Paint

With an LRV of 29, Good Jeans by Clare Paint is a medium, grayish blue that resonates with the comfort of your favorite denim jeans. This warm blue injects life into spaces, as seen in Emily Henderson's basement bathroom transformation.

5. Cobblestone Path by Benjamin Moore

At LRV 37, Cobblestone Path is a delicate blue-gray reminiscent of cobbled streets in historic cities. A part of Benjamin Moore's classics collection, it seamlessly complements diverse design styles.

6. Krypton by Sherwin Williams

Krypton (SW 6247) embodies a beautiful light blue with slate gray undertones, presenting an LRV of 52. A member of Sherwin Williams' minimalist collection, this shade is perfect for coastal designs in well-lit rooms.

7. Mizzle by Farrow & Ball

Although technically a greenish gray, Mizzle from Farrow & Ball carries a hint of blue. With an LRV of 53, it captures the essence of mist and drizzle, making it an ideal choice for exteriors and welcoming front doors.

8. Smoke by Benjamin Moore

Smoke, with an LRV of 56, is a medium gray with subtle blue undertones. Jillian Harris used this color in her laundry room, creating a fresh and clean aesthetic—a perfect choice for a laundry space.

9. Skylight by Farrow & Ball

Skylight, with an LRV of 58, is a pale and traditional blue ideal for well-lit spaces. This shade, chosen for a guest bedroom makeover, creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

10. Moonshine by Benjamin Moore

For those seeking a lighter option, Moonshine with an LRV of 67 is a muted off-white with rich, blue-gray undertones. Perfect for creating contrast, it's an excellent choice for bathroom trims, as demonstrated by JH Interior Design.

Where to Use Blue-Gray Paint Colors in Your Home

Blue-gray paint colors are incredibly versatile and can elevate any room. Consider using them in:

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

For a soothing atmosphere, opt for light blue-gray tones in bathrooms, potentially increasing your property value when selling.

Understanding Light Reflective Value (LRV)

LRV, ranging from 0 to 100, indicates how much light a color reflects. Lower LRV numbers create a darker feel, while higher LRV numbers make a space feel lighter.

Exploring Undertones

Undertones influence whether a color feels warm or cool. Blue-gray paint colors are considered cool, making them perfect for balancing warm natural sunlight in bright rooms.


Choosing the right blue-gray paint color can redefine your living spaces. From moody navy to soothing light tones, this curated selection provides options for every aesthetic. Experiment with these shades and transform your home into a haven of style and sophistication.

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