I Stayed at Three Hotels in Barcelona Spain! (2023)


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What are the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain? There are so many options to choose from, so before my trip, I asked myself: What is the best part of Barcelona to stay in? What is the best and safest area to stay in Barcelona? Specifically, I wanted to know which neighborhood to stay in was best for first time visitors and what are the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain?

In this video, I stayed and three hotels in Barcelona, Spain. I give you full room tours so you can see some of Barcelona’s finest hotels in the Eixample district.

Antoinette | Frolic & Courage

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00;00;00;22 - 00;00;03;28, Antoinette, Hey, everybody.

Barcelona is a sunny, warm and 00;00;03;28 - 00;00;05;01 Antoinette Beautiful 00;00;05;01 - 00;00;09;27, Antoinette, City, and I stayed at three different properties.

So I want to give you a room tour of each of them, so you can 00;00;09;27 - 00;00;10;28 Antoinette see how I was living.

00;00;11;28 - 00;00;31;22 Antoinette Wait, a minute.

Hold on.

Let me first explain why I chose these three hotels to begin with., My, hun, parents, sister and I were traveling to board a 7-night Western Mediterranean Cruise to Spain, France, and Italy based out of Barcelona, Spain.

You can click the Mediterranean Cruise playlist link in the description to see the cruise and what we did in Barcelona, 00;00;31;27 - 00;00;58;09 Antoinette, but but before my trip, I asked myself questions.

Like: What is the best part of Barcelona to stay.

In? What is the best and safest area to stay in Barcelona? Specifically, I wanted to know which neighborhood to stay in was best for first time visitors and what are the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain? First things, first.

I researched different neighborhoods like the Barri Gothic Quarter, Placa de Catalunya, Eixample, 00;00;58;11 - 00;01;31;07, Antoinette, El, Raval, Barceloneta, and Montjuic neighborhoods.

In, the end, I chose the EIXAMPLE neighborhood because it is elegant, lively and has a ton of upscale and spacious hotels.

It’s clean, beautiful, walkable, easily accessible via the metro system.


The icing on the cake, Eixample is centrally located and near famous attractions like La Sagrada, Familia, Casa, Batlo, Casa, Mila, and Passeig de Gracia’s (Barcelona’s major shopping area with stunning architecture).

00;01;31;25 - 00;01;59;04, Antoinette Eixample had everything.

I was looking for and was the perfect location for my parents’ first time in Europe.

From there, I narrowed my search to find the best hotels in Barcelona within the Eixample neighborhood.

I wanted 4 or 5 star hotels that upheld high standards of cleanliness, along with excellent service, top-notch reviews, great decore, and within walking distance to multiple dining options., 00;01;59;19 -.

00;02;21;00 Antoinette Amenities such as breakfast or wine, or a great bathroom, were an added bonus and a plus.

So without further ado.

Let me give you a room tour of one of the best hotels in Barcelona, which is the first hotel.

We stayed at - Seventy, Barcelona, ., Seventy Barcelona Hotel is a 4-star luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample district.

00;02;21;15 - 00;02;48;26 Antoinette This hotel was SOLD OUT during our trip and we were lucky enough to grab one of the last rooms available, about 5 months before our trip.

The hotel boasts 80, elegantly designed rooms and suites that offer modern amenities and features a rooftop terrace with a pool and bar, providing panoramic views of the city.

Guests can enjoy a variety of dining options at the hotel's, restaurant and bar, which serves Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and signature.

Cocktails., 00;02;49;13 - 00;03;08;07, Antoinette The hotel also offers a range of services, including 24 hour room service, a fitness center, and my favorite, a concierge to help guests plan their stay in Barcelona., And, y'all.

None of this video is sponsored.

These are all my own money and my own review.


Now let me show you the room we booked at Seventy, Barcelona, The, Sky, Room., 00;03;08;12 - 00;03;11;12, Antoinette We are here at the door and Babe’s right behind me.

00;03;11;21 - 00;03;11;29, Kevin, Yeah., 00;03;14;16 - 00;03;35;01, Antoinette So, the first thing we have here.

Once you get in, you are faced with floor to ceiling length mirrors that also act as plenty of storage.

I mean.

You can put stuff at the top and you could go all the way down.


We've got our backpacks here at the bottom.


You close these mirrors, turn around.

You now have the bathroom.

00;03;35;01 - 00;03;51;14 Antoinette What I love about this whole hotel.

Is this style.

Oh, my gosh.

What's in the bag? 00;03;51;14 - 00;03;52;23 Kevin Some cream? 00;03;52;23 - 00;03;59;26, Kevin De manos hand, cream.

Oh, I need some of this.

I just wash my hands and will take some.

Good, sir.

Thank you.

00;04;00;05 - 00;04;04;19, Kevin, Two, toothbrushes., I, guess they’re, trying to tell us something..

fancy, toothpaste.

00;04;04;21 - 00;04;06;12, Antoinette, Oh, very nice.

What else is in here? 00;04;06;12 - 00;04;07;28 Kevin Tissues.

00;04;15;03 - 00;05;33;22 Antoinette Keep it moving here, folks.


We've got some great marble detailing here on the walls and marble tile to a standard, European toilet.

And “use.

If wet” towels.

When, we came in, these bars were heated.

I, don't know if it was supposed to be heated or not, but it made for some really delightful, warm towels.

The mini fridge, which is beverages quite nicely.

00;05;34;23 - 00;05;50;10, Antoinette What’s behind door number one? And, it's nighttime, now., And, oh, I use this as luggage storage So.

You could do that too.


There are full length windows in here.

Looking out on to the street.


We've got two more doors that lead out just like that.

00;05;50;27 - 00;05;57;28, Kevin If.

You hit the switch, the blinds go all the way down and it really blocks out.

00;05;57;28 - 00;06;02;04 Antoinette We still slept pretty well.

But wow, it's good to know, right? 00;06;02;04 - 00;06;02;21, Kevin, Yeah, 00;06;02;21 - 00;06;03;19 Antoinette, but these switches.

00;06;03;25 - 00;06;04;23 Kevin Yeah, 00;06;04;23 - 00;06;05;26, Antoinette, Bye, room., 00;06;05;26 - 00;06;25;13, Antoinette, Bye!.

You have been great to us all.

This time.

I would definitely recommend staying here.


Time to go check in a room at the Monument Hotel.

I hear we got upgraded, hun? 00;06;25;13 - 00;06;28;11, Kevin, Yeah, 00;06;28;11 - 00;06;33;02, Antoinette, Let’s, go..., wow!, 00;06;33;04 - 00;06;59;09, Antoinette Once.

We finished our 7-day western Mediterranean Cruise.

We stayed at Monument Hotel, a modern and luxurious 5-star Hotel housed in an expertly renovated late, 19th century building on Paseo de Gracia.

Just a few steps away from the city's most famous landmarks, such as La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.

What makes Monument hotel on of the best hotels in Barcelona is the INCREDIBLE, white-glove service.

00;06;59;23 - 00;07;24;22 Antoinette We're.

Talking from the moment our taxi pulled up to the curb.

To the moment we walked out the door, the friendly professional staff took care of every need.

It was spectacular!, The, hotel features, 84, spacious and elegantly designed rooms and suites equipped with high end amenities and luxury touches, such as marble bathrooms, designer toiletries from Joe, Malone, London and Diptyque, Paris and plush bedding.

00;07;24;23 - 00;07;50;00, Antoinette The hotel also boasts a rooftop terrace with a pool and stunning views of the city.

A michelin, starred restaurant, a bar, a fitness center and a spa.

The hotel's central location, combined with its luxurious amenities and exceptional service, make it an ideal choice for those looking for a memorable stay in Barcelona.


Let me show you the room.

We were upgraded to at Monument Hotel, the Junior Suite patio Room.

00;08;50;06 - 00;09;11;26 Antoinette How amazing.

The hotel gave us these macarons with the logo on the top.

They look delightful.

And, look at this stationery, man.

This is such a nice touch.

Nobody actually takes the time to write a letter.


I have had such a great experience at the Monument Hotel.

This is not a sponsored job, but it has been phenomenal.

00;09;19;25 - 00;09;46;22, Antoinette And.

For our last night in Barcelona, we stayed at Ocean, Drive, Barcelona, also known as “OD Hotel”, where sustainability meets luxury and comfort.

The hotel features, 98 sleek and contemporary rooms and suites with floor to ceiling windows and city views.

The hotel also boasts a rooftop terrace, with a pool and bar, a fitness center and a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with vegan and vegetarian dining options.

00;09;46;23 - 00;10;08;28, Antoinette, The, hotel's, central location, combined with its modern amenities and chic design, make it a popular choice for those seeking a trendy and comfortable stay in Barcelona.

What makes Ocean Drive.

One of the best hotels in Barcelona is its commitment to sustainability.

And when I say sustainability.

This is what I mean.

OD is located in the city's low emission zone, which is walking only., 00;10;09;15 - 00;10;29;02, Antoinette It has eco friendly, toiletries, water, efficient showers and toilets, and at least 80% of the food served at the hotel is locally sourced.

There is 80%, LED lighting and they have a comprehensive food waste and recycling.


But for now.

Let me show you the room we booked at Ocean, Drive., The, Superior, Room., 00;10;29;10 - 00;11;00;22, Antoinette Q-Tip and make up cleaners, comb, shaving kit with shaving gel a ceiling kit in case threads, get out of place.

We, have two large sink to ceiling: mirrors.

We turn around, you'll, see the large mirror and to the right.

We have a shower with a rainfall, head.

Plenty, plenty of space, shampoo, conditioner and gel.

And I, just love the fine details.

00;11;00;22 - 00;11;24;21, Antoinette So you've got somebody diving, in, Conditioner is halfway in and the gel is less.

That is hilarious.

And I love the frosting on the doors, as well as the perfectly clean tile on the wall.


Nothing much to see here that you haven't seen before.

Of course, underneath the sink.

We have our towels, our hand towels and our bath towels, as well as a hair, dryer.

00;11;25;17 - 00;11;26;28, Antoinette And as I'm filming.

Look what 00;11;26;28, - 00;11;27;25 Antoinette Just came: in.

00;11;27;25 - 00;11;50;12, Antoinette, A, handwritten note from the hotel and this really cute, sustainable, box.

Ooh, Let's, see what's inside.

I love little treats.


These look like, I, don't know, like little cheesecake bites.


We got to try this one.

00;11;50;19 - 00;11;52;27 Kevin I mean, don’t spoil your dinner, but we can try now.

00;11;53;29 - 00;11;56;29, Antoinette He said “don't spoil your dinner”, but you want try right: now?, 00;11;56;29 - 00;11;57;04, Kevin, Yeah., 00;11;57;04 - 00;11;57;18, Kevin, I'm, ready., 00;11;58;06 - 00;11;59;15, Antoinette, All right, go ahead, grab one.

00;12;01;10 - 00;12;02;27, Kevin This one feels weird.

00;12;03;12 - 00;12;04;05, Antoinette What's.

It feel like? 00;12;04;22 - 00;12;05;19, Kevin, Maybe., Cheesecake., 00;12;06;02 - 00;12;18;07, Antoinette, Cheesecake?, Yes.


What I'm thinking.

Oh, it's kind of soft and spongy ..

soft and spongy like legit? Does.

It taste like cheesecake? 00;12;19;11, - 00;12;20;09, Kevin Taste’s, like cheesecake.

00;12;20;21 - 00;12;33;27, Antoinette, Mm, hmm., Hm.

This is yummy.


I love, sweet, treats!, I love these cute little additions that make your stay, that much sweeter.

Haha, get it babe? “Sweeter?” 00;12;33;27 - 00;12;34;14, Kevin, Sweeter?, 00;12;34;14 - 00;12;35;18, Antoinette, Ha ha ha 00;12;35;18 - 00;12;36;01, Kevin, ha ha 00;12;36;01 - 00;12;52;10, Antoinette, ha., All right, let's go.

We have an in-room safe with plenty of storage, as well.



At this.

An, entire wine fridge.

I have also never seen a wine fridge at a hotel.

00;12;52;12 - 00;13;37;28 Antoinette Underneath is a fully stocked mini fridge, swiveling right, around.

We have our king size bed right next to the bed.

We, have an outlet in down below or shelves.

I love, the storage solutions here and the very clear message: lights: off., 00;14;00;08 - 00;14;12;08, Antoinette Which of these hotels really stood out to you? So.

Let me know in the comments down below.


If you want a few ideas on what to do in Barcelona, watch this video.

Thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you in the next video!.


How many nights should I stay in Barcelona? ›

Barcelona is one of those cities where you can easily spend more than a week exploring. But if you stay between five and seven days you will get a very versatile experience. You'll have a chance to see the many faces of the city. Museums, modern and old architecture, gardens, markets…

Is 6 days in Barcelona too much? ›

But there many unique things to do in Barcelona and you can try venturing into the lesser-known neighborhoods or take a day trip. If you are able to utilize (and maximize) your sightseeing time well in 3-4 days in Barcelona, you won't need a 5 or a 6th day. The fifth or the sixth day is best used for a day trip.

Is 7 days in Barcelona too much? ›

Get ready for the week of a lifetime in Barcelona! During 7 days in Barcelona, you'll hit up all the major tourist sights, get off the beaten path and even have time for a day trip. There's so much to see and do in the Catalan capital.

What is the best part of Barcelona to stay in? ›

Bari Gothic Quarter. The Bari Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is arguably the most desirable area to stay in, which is why it gets so much foot traffic. It's close to many of Barcelona's most popular attractions and has many great restaurants—another reason why people love it.

Is 3 full days enough in Barcelona? ›

With 3 days in Barcelona, you can visit the icons of this city…Gaudí's masterpieces (the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila, and Park Güell), stroll through the Gothic Quarter, dine on tapas, go to the beach, and watch the sunset from a rooftop bar.

Is 5 nights in Barcelona too much? ›

How many days do you need to visit? I think to really get a feel for Barcelona you should plan for at least four or five days. While you could see the highlights in less, you'll do yourself a disservice if you hurry your visit. This is a city of late-night dinners and afternoon siestas.

How much money you need in Barcelona per day? ›

For budget-minded travelers, it costs around €70-€95/day to visit Barcelona. These prices are based on what you'll need to visit the city comfortably as a budget traveler. If you want to upgrade your accommodations then you'll want to add another €120-€150/night depending on where you stay.

Is Barcelona cheap or expensive? ›

Barcelona is quite expensive to visit but still affordable and it is definately possible to visit Barcelona and keep costs low. Like all cities Barcelona has cheap options and good deals. Barcelona is not generally considered expensive in comparison to other top city destinations in Europe like London, Paris and Rome.

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April, May, September, and October are the best months to go sight-seeing in Barcelona. Barcelona is least crowded during the shoulder seasons of March - April and September - October.

What are the best days to go to Barcelona? ›

The best time to visit Barcelona is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and fall (September to October). During these months, the weather is generally mild, sunny, and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 60°F (15°C) to 80°F (27°C).

Is Uber in Barcelona? ›

Uber operates in Barcelona but not in the same way as other markets. It works as a taxi app so you can order a ride but with a traditional Barcelona taxi. Instead of having its own Uber drivers, the Uber app for Barcelona lets traditional taxis use the Uber app at no cost.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Barcelona? ›

Taxi drivers expect no tip and are happy if you round up in their favor. A tip of 5% of the total fare is considered generous. Long rides or extra help with luggage may merit a tip, but if you're short of change, you'll never hear a complaint.

What is the safest area in Barcelona to stay? ›

Barcelona's safest areas tend to be the more affluent neighborhoods, such as Eixample, Poble Sec and Poblenou. Though many of Barcelona's neighborhoods are generally safe to walk around at any time of day, it's a good idea to watch out for pickpockets in particularly crowded places.

Is 4 days in Barcelona too long? ›

Even at a breakneck speed of travel you could probably spend 2 full weeks here and still have more to do. However, spending four days in Barcelona is just about the perfect time for most travelers to experience this city.

How many days should a tourist spend in Barcelona? ›

Barcelona is easily worth two days, and no one would regret having a third day (or a fourth, or a fifth…). If you can spare only one full day for the city, it will be a scramble, but a day you'll never forget.

Is 2 days enough in Barcelona? ›

Two days in Barcelona is plenty of time to experience the major attractions, try some of the city's best food and wine, experience the famed nightlife, and do a little shopping. Here is my itinerary to make the best out of two days in Barcelona. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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