TEENAGE SiSTERS FiGHT caught on Camera!! *What happens is shocking* (2023)


My sisters got into the craziest fight and I happened to catch it on camera! Watch till the end to see how it was resolved!
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Like always we never know, what's gonna happen in these vlogs, something interesting is gonna go on.

I just can feel it.

So now that they're gone.

Let's actually talk sisters you guys are all teenagers.

Now what the heck the most annoying person at your school sadie I don't go to your school middle school you want to talk crap on me say it to my face actually I can be yelling at you like and be out honestly mad but I'm just a kind person or not have you met yourself you're literally the meanest person ever lily you're the only thing that's getting on my nerves I have over a thousand okay guys hi welcome back to the channel so today we are actually on our way right now with my mom janie and navy and we are on our way right now to go pick up sadie and we're actually gonna do a little bit of christmas shopping.


It's gonna.

Be fun like always.

We never know what's.

Gonna happen in these vlogs, so something interesting.

Is gonna! Go on, I just! Can fill it if you guys are new to the channel? Make sure you subscribe also so happy that janie's finally back home and not in college okay, guys first off before we pick up lily and navy, we went and grabbed a smoothie, so we're at the drive-through right now grabbing the smoothie lily and sadie.

What did I say lily and maybe oh whoops, all right.

We got all of the smoothies okay, guys they're all making fun of me, because I got a green smoothie and what do you guys think it looks like baby food yeah? Do you think it looks like baby food? My mom said it looks like peas, I smashed peas, baby food yep, it's good that did not look like it was good.

I don't get it for like taking it like you're taking them.

I get it because it has all the good things in it.

For you, oh yeah, I'm trying to help you I know, but it looks like you were trying to win like um.

What's that show called where they eat disgusting things, real buffalo? What fear factor? It's not gross! It's just! Why are you gagging? It's cold? Okay, all right! Guess we're picking up where'd! You go come on there, you are guys we thought of you and we got you some tropical smoothies.

Did you get me any food? You guys got food without me, okay, guys now we got everyone in the car.

Sadie just told us the story and she needs to tell you guys ready.

Go ahead.

My teacher, my math teacher said sadie.

We need to talk, you have an f and, I said, f were fantastic and I smiled and she goes no.

I said the only failure here is you under my breath.

Okay, she tried to be positive that she had an f which made the teacher pistol.

The thing is it's so totally trying.

It makes me feel bad when she's like no you're, not even trying.

If you were trying, you would have absolutely I'm brain dead, I'm literally, don't you.

I thought you had a c last time.

I checked no, I used to have a c when I actually started blowing my eyes every day, because math made me want to oh back to the school days, never want to go there again.

So this is why I married josh because he's going to help our future kids with homework, because me I have no chance, okay, so what I got? Oh okay.

So now that they're gone, let's actually talk sisters, we have sadie.

Ah we have navy, hey hi, lily, say hi, guys, hi, okay, so my mom and janie went into the store and we're gonna stay because they're just gonna be in there for a second.

We should still care.

No, no we're, not gonna sell a car.

Let's just talk, you guys are all teenagers now what the heck grew up so fast.

It's just sad! You know you guys used to be three years old.

I guess we got you when you guys were like three and two and one and a baby, and now you guys are teenagers yeah and you're, an old fart.

I know the eyes you're, not really old, I'm 22.

baby shut up.

So the truth here is: I'm stuck in the car, with my annoying sister who's, the most annoying sister out of you all sadie.

You know some people just can't handle awesome.

People like I have f's and math fantastic.

I had an f in what was that again child development, the easiest all right, guys guys.

Let's this, let's ask some juicy questions.

Okay, just sit right now.

Are you not? Oh, my gosh? Do you guys see how what I mean by they're annoying they're, just like won't, stop screaming and they're making my ears hurt.

Look at that big pieces.

Okay, I love you guys all right, let's get some tea going on.

First tea question is: have any of you guys, kiss somebody and tell the truth.

Yes, I kissed.

That's when I was in uh like kindergarten when I was eight, oh, my gosh, what you really when I was in sixth grade um.

Okay, my next question: let's do like a speed round who is the most annoying person at your school and don't worry I'll bleep got all the names who's you're, the most annoying person at your school sadie sadie.

I don't go to your school middle school.

I'm just kidding: okay, uh! Okay! Maybe that's not the nicest question to ask like if you, if you want to talk crap, let me say it to my face: actually you're so annoying when you try to act.

Funny see that's what I mean by.

I can be yelling at you like and be out honestly mad, but I'm just a kind person you're, not yeah yeah.

Have you met yourself, you're, literally the meanest person ever no, we were gonna get to this point.

There is beauty all right when there's love at home love one another.

That's all the love sucks right! Yeah you get a shot.

That makes you not have it: okay, okay.

We just need to chill really you act like you're in your period.

Oh, my gosh wow we're getting a real fight right now.

Guess who's not going to the gym with me today: hey guess, who's, letting you borrow their 50 jacket.

Okay, we need them just big baby.

We need a comment and we need to comment down.

This is kind of little much.

I didn't know we were going to get.

What was that navy? Did you guys hear that replay replay like bananas? What did you eat for dinner? I eat a smoothie, okay, guys city.

Does it actually hurt your fillings? Do people hurt your feelings at school yeah, but I don't act like it.

Obviously, if they're mean to me, I yell at them.

No, I don't want your apology, hey.

She said sorry, though, no when she just got done laughing, I'm not gonna.

I was just doing that.

The point is no sisters are perfect.

Sisters can be mean you just like to cause drama lily, you're, the only thing that's getting on my nerves.

I have over a thousand just say it again, but mean it just I'm sorry sadie.

I feel like it's good, sometimes just for the people to know that we're real people who fight who are mean to each other who aren't perfect because that's just life everyone's.

That way.

So I think the conclusion is we all just need to be nicer and like and try to include more people and not like gang up on people.

You know so we I think everyone is about this way, not just sadie we've all kind of felt this way, because that's just what happens when you have so many girls, so many sisters like sometimes you don't really feel included and people cannot even really be meaning to not make you feel included, but you you just sometimes cannot feel like somebody likes.

You they'll try to include you, but you just think that others yeah that's why I've also thought that before you know like, I think everyone is, and I think, sadie's kind of feeling it today.

I probably felt it last week.

I don't know this is real life.

We didn't.

I didn't know, what's gonna get into this sorry that I asked who's the most annoying, it was mostly a joke.

I know you don't want to, but I think everybody right now should give sadie a hug because sometimes no listen, I think.

Sometimes you don't think you need it, but no, I don't like being touched.

It makes me uncomfortable.

I love you.

I hope you start feeling better, I'm sorry that school's hard and sometimes everything's hard.

I'm really! Sorry! Oh, my gosh.

We got in a little bit of an argument.

I just start driving.

That is not what I expected what happened, but I was just explaining.

Maybe people should see sometimes that we're not perfect and we fight and you could get through it or I don't know they just heard the ted talk.

I don't know I tried to help them.

I was trying to give some advice, which I thought could maybe help other people, but I don't I don't know about mom tell me you did buy stuff for your car smells like jewelry socks back here.

It smells like dirty stuff.

You happen to have dirty socks by you.

Yes, how are you doing back there? I think sadie's still feeling sad, so we're waiting for you, because I we needed you sometimes.

I think it's important to have private conversations in private, so I will have a private conversation with her and find out what's really going on.

But one thing I was thinking today is that when my kids fight really, if they just thought about the good things about each other, they wouldn't be so angry about stuff or like just but finally, the good there's always like what's wrong available, but there's always what's right, I'm gonna! Let all of them watch this video and see if they're, fine with me posting it, because I don't even know I don't know okay.

Well, I guess no one wants to watch this.

Video do not like to watch yourself.

Sometimes it can be very eye-opening because sometimes you might think.

Oh I didn't say that, or I said that nice or whatever and you watch it you're like oh wait a minute, because I remember a video casted a few weeks ago, where she actually put an apology in there because she felt really bad about how she acted yep.

So sometimes that's true, because I didn't realize that we were kind of picking on sadie guys.

I didn't know this.

Video was gonna, be this maybe I'll, let you guys go in and go shopping and I'll talk to sadie for a minute.

So that's a good idea.

I can make sure she's.

Okay, love, you sadie, love! You lilly love! You namey, love! You genie! I love! You love you mom! We love you! I definitely love mom.

I love everyone.

I love everybody in this car so much that's why we fight, because we're so close, it's so close to hate that love is so close.

All right.

Now we are going to be going shopping.

Can you give me a seat chocolate, I'm going to start shopping with jamie okay, lily come with me.

What's your favorite kind, I, like one with nuts peanut butter nuts almonds lots of nuts yeah, I'm left with my own credit card all right.

I hope that we can end this video being a little bit happier and everyone can just love each other and be kind because it's the holidays, life's too short to be mad all the time and be mad at each other.

So we gotta look on the bright side and be happy, and I think we're gonna do that now so shopping fixes everything well in my book.

Chiclet also fixes everything we secured the goods.

We got.

The chocolato yes, okay, guys little foot check sweater from justcast.com and same with my pants justcast.com they're, so cute I'm wearing convert, and then my purse is just a cute little chanel purse and there's mom okay, you guys so I'm trying to find sadie.

So I can give her her chocolate to cheer her up.

Oh there, she is wait.

Is that her? Oh yes, it is.

I have now have your chocolate.

Take one now or forever hold your piece.

This will help you feel a million times better.

Do you like nuts? No, do you really not like nuts? Do you like peanut butter? No, do you really not try one of the nuts try it? This isn't like normal chocolate, no keep chewing.

I know you love it.

Did you really just drop? That was two dollars for that one and then drop it on the ground.

Did you actually like it pick it up? Five second roll blow it off well.

Was that one bite good? At least I only have one left and it's an 80s.

My friend I don't need calories.

She looks good in everything honestly me and my mom are just sitting here watching because they look good and everything so try on this jacket.

I remember people staring as we stepped outside.

There is santa claus, sadie's favorite person there.

He is santa claus, isn't real! Oh my you're getting cool for christmas.

We're saying that dude hey, we decided to go into pacsun navy, told me they got new stuff hacks on stuff, never fits me.

The way I wanted to yeah same.

I think lilly would like this.

No, I love this.

I want this.

I could see you hold this up.

Let me see, let me see what it looks like.

Is that cute guys um, I feel like you would like like it, because you always like these.

I love pink bright colors.

I know it's cute cute.

I don't know hmm, okay, guys so they're taking forever to shop.

I don't like shopping, but I there's just not a lot of places here to shop anyways, so I'm trying to make a tick tock, but there is a lot of people here, so I don't really want to get in anyone's way, but it's pretty clear right now, so I probably should make it now here we go, you can see, there's a lot of people all right me and navy just getting some massages, it's honestly kind of hurting like just a little but we're still waiting for lily everyone to get done shopping.

So we thought we should go on these nice, massage chairs, they're, squeezing my feet.

So wait.

My feet aren't even squeezing.

Oh there goes.

This is the lie.

This is going to go on for 15 minutes, yeah why'd! You select that one, that's the only shortest one.

There was like an hour, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.

Oh my gosh.

We should have got drinks first, we should have went and got starbucks out coco and then relax.

We messed up.

We messed up.

So I can't tell if this is awkward or not like with everybody walking around.

But if you guys don't know when we were in vegas, this happened, we literally were sitting in massage chairs, while the girls were and then our bags got stolen, so that wasn't very fun.

Well, you guys our massages have now ended.

15 minutes went by sort of fast, but guess what mom is uh getting a pretzel, so I don't know why I keep doing that.

I don't know why that looks very weird might as well go get pretzel now.

Yes, all right guys.

We are about to leave the mall we're ending the night with going to spiderman the new one, which would be super fun.

We're actually going to go with every single kid in the family, so that should be fun and josh.

So anyways.

Thank you guys for watching our vlog.

This was a.

I told you something crazy.

What happened today, you never know it was emotional.

It was good.

He loves to see it right, all right pregnant.

No, I'm! Not! Okay! Thanks for watching guys.

I love you.

I have one hand so love you guys.



Is it normal for sisters to fight? ›

Many kids are lucky enough to become the best of friends with their siblings, but it's common for brothers and sisters to fight. Often, sibling rivalry starts even before the second child joins the family, and continues as the kids grow and compete for everything from toys to attention.

Why sisters fight all the time? ›

The number 1 reason for sibling squabbles is competition for parental attention. Kids need attention from you, and they will do everything (good and bad) in their power to get it. You can shape a lot of behavior by what you pay attention to and how you praise your children.

Is it healthy for siblings to fight? ›

It's okay for there to be strong feelings, words and actions between siblings. Fighting and arguing between siblings is normal. It's how children learn to sort out problems and develop strategies they can use in other conflict situations. Sibling rivalry is also part of how children work out their place in the family.

What age do siblings fight the most? ›

It's common for pre-teen and teenage siblings to fight. It's one of the ways they learn about relating to peers. When pre-teens and teenagers learn to resolve conflict themselves, they can develop life skills. Avoid stepping in to sort out fights straight away, but guide siblings to solutions if you need to.

Can sibling fighting cause trauma? ›

Like all forms of child abuse, sibling abuse can lead to myriad problems for victims, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-loathing, and low self-esteem.

What makes a toxic sister? ›

A toxic sibling relationship is a relationship that is unbalanced in its power dynamic and may involve sibling abuse and dysfunctional sibling rivalry. Sibling estrangement can be caused by parental favoritism, having immature parents, parental or sibling abuse, and psychopathy.

Why do sisters hurt each other? ›

Some experts say sibling rivalry stems from children competing for their parents' love. Others say the children's goal is parental recognition or attention. Sibling rivalry can start even before the second child comes into the picture. Siblings may be jealous of and harbor resentment toward one another.

Why do older siblings hurt younger siblings? ›

Each one is a constant reminder to the other that parents, food, clothing, toys and space must be shared. Older siblings resent younger ones because they think that the younger ones get more attention. Younger siblings resent older ones because they are more capable and get more privileges.

What type of siblings fight the most? ›

Observational studies have shown that sibling conflict may happen up to eight times an hour. Other research finds that pairs of sisters tend to be the closest, and that sibling dyads that include a brother have the most conflict.

Is it illegal for siblings to fight? ›

However, you can be charged with domestic violence if you have a violent altercation with a sibling or a relative. Although some siblings roughhouse and argue, it may escalate to a physical incident. If the police are called, you might be arrested for a domestic battery.

What level of sibling fighting is normal? ›

Sibling rivalry affects almost all families – one study suggested that it can occur as often as 8 times an hour. However, it has also been noted that it tends to be less intense in larger families than small ones. This is because in larger families, power (and parental attention) is more evenly distributed.

What is it called when your sibling hits you? ›

Physical abuse by a sibling occurs when one sibling intentionally causes physical harm and pain to a sister or brother. 12. This can include: shoving, hitting, slapping, kicking, biting, pinching, scratching, and hair pulling.

Can a younger sibling abuse an older sibling? ›

Sibling abuse typically takes place between blood relatives, or step-siblings close to each other in age. Usually, the victim and the abuser live under the same roof, making it even more difficult to recognize, report or manage. Like other forms of abuse, it is not limited to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

Why do siblings fight physically? ›

Oftentimes, physical fights between siblings are a result of not yet having the tools for emotional regulation. “It is very common for young children to become physically aggressive when they're emotionally dysregulated,” Oriard explains.

Should parents get involved in sibling fights? ›

Parents should get involved when the fighting gets physical. In fact, it is better to intervene before things escalate. Along with immediately stopping physical fights, you should also intervene if one child is humiliating the other through their words.

Can you get PTSD from family fights? ›

For some young people, exposure to high conflict divorce, interpersonal violence and stressful home experiences can lead to complex mental health concerns and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), Developmental Trauma and a lifetime of increased risk of further trauma ...

What is unacceptable behavior of a sister? ›

Criticism, looking down on you, bullying, invalidating or gaslighting, and physical intimidation or abuse – all of it happens in toxic sibling relationships. You may be so accustomed to how your sibling has been treating you all of your life that you take it as a given.

How damaging is sibling abuse? ›

Potential effects of sibling abuse include difficulty separating pleasure from pain and fear from desire in a sexual relationship, re-victimization in adulthood, difficulty in developing and sustaining intimate relationships, trouble negotiating boundaries, intimacy issues, and interdependency in relationships.

What does the Bible say about siblings not getting along? ›

1 John 4:20

"Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen."

When siblings turn against you? ›

Sibling alienation occurs when one adult sibling wants to push aside another. While sibling alienation can occur at any point, one sibling may be especially tempted to alienate another in order to gain control of care-taking or inheritance outcomes with aging parents.

What are signs of a jealous sibling? ›

Signs of Sibling Rivalry
  • Fighting (verbal or physical attacks)
  • Frustration.
  • Demanding attentions.
  • Telling on sibling (tattling)
  • Regressive acts, like bed wetting or thumb sucking.

Do sisters get jealous of each other? ›

From the beginning, sibling relationships are often shaped by jealousy, which involves competing with one another for the recognition or gain of their parent's attention. This jealousy begins in infancy and can last into adulthood.

Should I cut off my toxic sister? ›

Until your sister acknowledges the harm she's caused and the lack of emotional awareness she's mixing into your relationship, taking some space is absolutely fine. Cutting off a family member with these toxic traits is justified, but you might consider leaving the door open to reconciliation later on down the road.

Does the youngest child have the most trauma? ›

Younger siblings may be especially vulnerable to trauma because they are in an earlier developmental stage than the rest of the family. While older siblings and parents will be much more equipped to cope with the stress, the youngest child may feel left behind or not understand how to handle their emotions.

What is the hardest age for parents? ›

Every stage of parenting has its challenges, but one poll reveals what age most parents feel they struggled with the most.

What is the eldest daughter trauma? ›

Eldest daughter syndrome is the burden felt by oldest daughters because they're given too many adult responsibilities in their family before they're ready. Eldest daughter syndrome can make women feel overburdened, stressed out, and constantly responsible for others.

Do older siblings get jealous? ›

It's very common for siblings to be jealous of one another, especially when a new baby is welcomed into the family. It can be a tricky situation to manoeuvre and it's one some parents aren't sure how to handle.

Which sibling is most likely to have anger issues? ›

Children who have older brothers become more aggressive over time, on average, than those who have older sisters. Older siblings with younger sisters become less aggressive.

Which sibling is the most social? ›

“Firstborns are held to a higher standard. As kids come into the birth order, parents loosen up,” he says, adding that his research has repeatedly found that younger siblings tend to be more sociable and outgoing, but also manipulative.

What is the strongest sibling relationship? ›

While the bond between all siblings is strong, the strongest bond of all may be the one between two sisters, according to several scientific studies. In 2010, Brigham Young University conducted a study of 395 families and found that having a sister positively influenced a young person's life.

Can you get suspended for fighting your sibling at school? ›

Although the law identifies self-defense as an excuse for using force or violence against someone else, California schools are notorious for suspending any student involved in a fight, even if they were not the instigator and actually were defending themselves.

Why does sibling abuse happen? ›

There is no single cause of sibling sexual abuse. A range of factors including dysfunctional family dynamics, lack of supervision, and past sexual abuse can all play a role.

Do children need a sibling? ›

There is evidence to suggest that healthy sibling relationships promote empathy, prosocial behavior and academic achievement. While healthy sibling relationships can be an incredible source of support, unhealthy and toxic sibling relationships may be equally devastating and destabilizing.

When sibling fighting goes too far? ›

Although some sibling conflict is normal, Dorrian warned, “If difficult interactions between siblings become emotionally or physically abusive, it's time to intervene in a larger way. Working with a parent coach or a family therapist would be a good place to start.”

Do half siblings fight more? ›

One in six young US children live in complex sibling relationships, which are associated with heightened aggressive behavior – even if both parents live together. Young children raised with half-siblings or step-siblings behave more aggressively, even when they themselves are living with both their own parents.

What is the best punishment for a child? ›

Calmly and firmly explain the consequences if they don't behave. For example, tell her that if she does not pick up her toys, you will put them away for the rest of the day. Be prepared to follow through right away. Don't give in by giving them back after a few minutes.

At what age should a child stop hitting? ›

A toddler may understand rules about not hitting, but struggle to stop themself from hitting or biting when they're feeling frustrated. The ability to control those impulses may not fully develop until they're close to 4 years old, with support from loving parents and caregivers.

What happens when a child is never told no? ›

According to Dr Markham, saying no to your child helps with setting boundaries and limits, which aid in their development — emotionally, physically and mentally. Never saying it, Dr Markham says, can leave children ill-equipped to deal with the real world.

Why do younger siblings fight? ›

The number 1 reason for sibling squabbles is competition for parental attention. Kids need attention from you, and they will do everything (good and bad) in their power to get it. You can shape a lot of behavior by what you pay attention to and how you praise your children.

What does emotional abuse mean in siblings? ›

Emotional abuse between siblings is common, but is difficult to research. However, its effect should not be underestimated. Emotional abuse includes name calling, belittling, teasing, shaming, threats, intimidation, false accusations, provocation, and destroying a sibling's belongings.

Is it common for siblings to hit each other? ›

That's scary stuff for everyone involved–children and parents alike. But the truth is, this behavior is fairly common, especially in younger children who don't have more appropriate conflict resolutions skills.

Can you get PTSD from sibling abuse? ›

It can cause ongoing trust issues, and many also struggle with power and balance issues in their personal and professional relationships. Like all forms of child abuse, sibling abuse can lead to myriad problems for victims, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-loathing, and low self-esteem.

What is a toxic older sibling? ›

A toxic sibling relationship is a relationship that is unbalanced in its power dynamic and may involve sibling abuse and dysfunctional sibling rivalry. Sibling estrangement can be caused by parental favoritism, having immature parents, parental or sibling abuse, and psychopathy.

What is the oldest child syndrome? ›

Oldest child syndrome refers to a number of characteristics people develop as an outcome of being the first-born. For instance, following the birth of another baby, the firstborn goes from being the “only child” of their parents to having to share their parent's love and attention with a younger sibling.

Is it normal for sisters to fight as adults? ›

Sibling rivalry isn't always outgrown in childhood. In some cases, it only intensifies as time passes. While people often think of sibling rivalry as a childhood phenomenon, adult siblings fighting is a common phenomenon in which adult siblings struggle to get along, argue, or are even estranged from one another.

How do you deal with sisters fighting? ›

How to Handle Sibling Fighting
  1. First, teach kids how to handle conflict in a positive manner. ...
  2. Cast sibling harmony as important for the whole family. ...
  3. Step in. ...
  4. Listen to each side. ...
  5. Make respect a non-negotiable rule. ...
  6. Encourage kids to get specific and state the problem. ...
  7. Ask the children to suggest some solutions.
Nov 16, 2020

How much fighting is normal for siblings? ›

On average, siblings fight around eight times per hour. Far too often, these interactions are dismissed as “normal” without really getting to the heart of them. Sure, some conflict and rivalry are inevitable.

What is normal fighting between siblings? ›

Sibling rivalry affects almost all families – one study suggested that it can occur as often as 8 times an hour. However, it has also been noted that it tends to be less intense in larger families than small ones. This is because in larger families, power (and parental attention) is more evenly distributed.

What makes a sister toxic? ›

A toxic sibling relationship is a relationship that is unbalanced in its power dynamic and may involve sibling abuse and dysfunctional sibling rivalry. Sibling estrangement can be caused by parental favoritism, having immature parents, parental or sibling abuse, and psychopathy.

How do I make my sister happy after a fight? ›

You should start by apologizing to your sibling in a sincere, genuine way. Find a place that is quiet and private to make the apology and do it in person. Apologizing in person will show your sibling that you want to speak to them face to face and have a real discussion about what went wrong.

How do I calm my angry sister down? ›

You can help by validating her feelings, praising her, and giving her physical contact (like a hug or a hand on her shoulder). This can help calm her down a little, and remind her that she's safe. "I know that was scary. You did great."

What are the consequences of siblings fighting? ›

In fact, a 2021 study on family dynamics links sibling bullying to a lower sense of competence, life satisfaction, and self-esteem in young adults. Earlier research found that being bullied by a sibling doubled the risk of depression and self-harm in early adulthood.

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