The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Blue-Gray Paint Colors for Your Home (2023)

Choosing the perfect blue-gray paint color can transform the ambiance of any room in your home. Whether you're aiming for a calming bedroom retreat, a sophisticated kitchen, or an inviting living room, the right shade can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we've curated a list of the top 10 (or maybe 12) blue-gray paint colors that will catch your attention and elevate your interior design game.

1. Sherwin Williams North Star: A Coastal Dream

Sherwin Williams North Star, a delightful light blue-gray with green undertones, is the ideal choice for those seeking a coastal-inspired bedroom or bathroom. Designers love its soothing effect and versatility, making it a timeless option.

2. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray: A Medium Blue-Gray Marvel

Boothbay Gray offers a medium blue-gray with gray undertones, boasting a cult following. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, its compatibility with both warm and cool accent colors makes it a popular choice for those aiming for a balanced and chic look.

3. Behr Silver Strand: The Neutral Elegance

Behr Silver Strand, a light blue-gray with a touch of green, stands as a neutral choice suitable for any room. With a light reflectance value (LRV) of 69, it's a fantastic option for spaces with limited natural light, showcasing its adaptability.

4. Sherwin Williams Misty: Cool-Toned Serenity

Misty, a cool-toned blue-gray with gray undertones, is a preferred choice for bedrooms due to its calming effect. Its compatibility with both warm and cool accent colors adds to its allure, making it a staple in sophisticated interior designs.

5. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy: Deep Blue-Gray Drama

Hale Navy, a deep blue-gray with blue undertones, commands attention and is an audacious choice for accent walls or front doors. Pair it with lighter blue-gray paint colors like Benjamin Moore Silver Gray for a striking contrast.

6. Benjamin Moore Silver Gray: Light and Airy Elegance

Silver Gray, a light blue-gray with gray undertones, finds its place in bathrooms, offering a calming effect. Its compatibility with warmer accent colors like pink and peach makes it a versatile choice for various design schemes.

7. Sherwin Williams Santorini: A Touch of the Mediterranean

Santorini, a medium blue-gray with a touch of green, proves popular in kitchens and living rooms. Its ability to harmonize with both warm and cool accent colors adds to its desirability for those seeking a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic.

8. Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray: Subtle Serenity

Gentle Gray, a light blue-gray with gray undertones, serves as a neutral backdrop for any room. With an LRV of 68, it's a fantastic choice for spaces with limited natural light, providing a subtle and calming atmosphere.

9. Benjamin Moore Arctic Gray: Tranquil Bedroom Bliss

Arctic Gray, a light blue-gray with a touch of green, is a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, offering a soothing effect. Its compatibility with both warm and cool accent colors enhances its versatility.

10. Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp: Serene and Inviting

Gray Wisp, a light blue-gray with a touch of green, is a preferred choice for bathrooms and bedrooms. Its LRV of 68 makes it an excellent option for rooms with limited natural light, providing a serene and inviting atmosphere.

11. Light Blue Farrow and Ball: Timeless Elegance

Farrow and Ball's Light Blue brings timeless elegance to any space, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility.

12. Wedgewood Gray Benjamin Moore: Classic and Refined

Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore stands as a classic and refined option, perfect for those seeking a timeless and sophisticated color palette.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blue-Gray Paint Color

When selecting the best blue-gray paint color for your space, consider the following tips:

Consider the Undertones

  • Opt for a gray undertone for a cooler, calming color.
  • Choose a green undertone for a warmer and inviting color palette.

Think About Lighting

  • Darker blue-gray colors work well in well-lit spaces.
  • Lighter blue-gray colors can brighten up darker rooms.

Test Paint Samples

  • Always test paint samples in your space to see how they look in different lighting conditions.
  • Purchase small sample sizes to try out on your walls before committing to a color.

Where to Use Blue Gray Paint Colors

Explore the versatility of blue-gray paint colors in different rooms:

  • Bedrooms: Create a calming atmosphere.
  • Bathrooms: Add a spa-like feel.
  • Kitchens: Introduce sophistication.
  • Living Rooms: Foster a cozy and inviting ambiance.
  • Dining Rooms: Infuse elegance.
  • Nurseries: Establish a soothing environment.
  • Front Doors: Boost curb appeal.

Coordinating Colors with Blue Gray Paint

Achieve a cohesive look by coordinating colors:

  • Neutral Shades: White, beige, and gray for a calming and sophisticated ambiance.
  • Brighter Colors: Introduce pops of yellow, green, or pink for warmth and energy.
  • Wood Tones: Natural oak, walnut, or mahogany for warmth and richness.
  • Complementary Colors: Bold choices like orange, red, or purple for a high-contrast look.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Blue Gray Paint

Steer clear of common mistakes:

  • Ignoring Undertones: Undertones can drastically impact the mood of a room.
  • Not Testing Samples: Colors may look different in various lighting conditions.
  • Choosing Too Dark or Too Light: Find a balance to avoid making a room feel cramped or bland.


Choosing the perfect blue-gray paint color involves considering undertones, testing samples, and finding the right depth for your space. Experiment, have fun, and remember that paint can be changed. Use this guide to discover the ideal blue-gray shade that suits your style and transforms your home into a haven of elegance and comfort.

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