Unveiling Unmatched Luxury: The Ultimate Guide to Hotels with Swim-Up Rooms (2023)

Dive into Opulence: Understanding Swim-Up Rooms

A swim-up room defines the epitome of luxury, boasting a private escape with direct access to a semi-private pool. Imagine sliding into cool waters right from your terrace, surrounded by exclusivity. This guide explores the crème de la crème of hotels offering modern rooms with this unparalleled amenity.

The Distinction: Swim-Up Pool vs. Private Pool

Clarifying the nuances, a swim-up room features a swim-up pool accessible directly from your terrace. Whether it's a private pool or shared with a select few rooms, the allure lies in the direct access. In essence, a room with a private pool qualifies as a swim-up room if the pool is seamlessly connected to the furnished terrace, offering that coveted swim-in experience. The hotels on our list exclusively feature swim-up pools, ensuring a luxurious escape.

1. TUI BLUE Zante Maris on Zakynthos: Adult-Only Bliss

Nestled on Zakynthos, the TUI BLUE Zante Maris stands as an adult-only haven right on the beach. Renovated in 2019, this gem offers not only swim-up rooms but also rooms with private pools. With a chic ambiance and all-inclusive options, it promises an unforgettable vacation.

2. TUI BLUE Meltemi on Santorini: Instagrammable Paradise

Indulge in the allure of Santorini at TUI BLUE Meltemi, an adult-only retreat steps away from the beach. With pools catering to everyone, exclusive swim-up rooms, and private pool options, this hotel defines Instagrammable perfection. Ideal for a babymoon, it offers a blend of sports, culinary delights, and relaxation.

3. TUI BLUE Palazzo del Mare on Kos: Romantic Oasis

For a romantic escape, TUI BLUE Palazzo del Mare on Kos beckons. Offering spacious private pools alongside swim-up rooms, this adults-only haven boasts a 5-star experience. With a large hotel pool area and a sandy beach, it's a paradise for those seeking indulgence.

4. TUI BLUE Elounda Breeze on Crete: Family-Friendly Splash

Appealing to families, TUI BLUE Elounda Breeze on Crete caters to kids' love for splashing around. With double and family rooms featuring swim-up pools or private pools, it's a perfect choice for family vacations. Additional amenities include baby pools, a water park, and a kids club.

5. TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace on Djerba: Sun-Drenched Serenity

Tested and approved, TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace on Djerba offers sun-drenched swim-up rooms. This adults-only retreat in southern Tunisia ensures a year-round escape with oriental decor, beachfront access, and impeccable all-inclusive offerings.

6. TUI BLUE Jadran in Croatia: Dreamlike Makarska Riviera

Indulge in the privacy of a swim-up junior suite at TUI BLUE Jadran in Croatia. Nestled along the Makarska Riviera, this hotel offers a secluded experience with private lounge chairs and original room decor. From the infinity pool to the breathtaking views, it's a dream come true.

7. TUI BLUE Sensatori Barut Fethiye: Turkish Aegean Luxury

Deserve a luxurious holiday? The Residence at TUI BLUE Sensatori Barut Fethiye beckons with its Lake House Swim-up Suite. With a 5-star rating, endless pool landscapes, and various swim-up pool room options, it's a haven of indulgence on the Turkish Aegean.

8. TUI BLUE Sensatori Biomar in Mallorca: Balearic Bliss

In Mallorca's Sa Coma, TUI BLUE Sensatori Biomar presents newly renovated rooms and suites with private pool access. With 5-star standards and proximity to all-inclusive restaurants and bars, it caters to both families and couples.

Explore More Swim-Up Wonders

For those enamored with exquisite pools, our list extends beyond these paradises. Discover additional swim-up hotels across different destinations:

  • TUI BLUE Adriatic Beach: Makarska Riviera, Croatia
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Aegean Park: Rhodes, Greece
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Belvedere Resort: Kos, Greece
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Creta Paradise: Crete, Greece
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Grand Med Resort: Corfu, Greece
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Nissaki Beach: Corfu, Greece
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Sungarden Park: Ayia Napa, Cyprus
  • TUI BLUE Cabo Verde: Sal, Cape Verde
  • TUI BLUE Caravel: Zakynthos, Greece

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and discover the joy of swim-up rooms in these handpicked destinations. Indulge in opulence, bask in exclusivity, and make your next holiday an unforgettable escape into the lap of luxury.

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